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Houston Plastic Surgeon, Dr. German Newall takes an Artistic Approach to Body Contouring

“Body contouring for me is not only an anatomical approach but an artistic creation. A body without curves is a boring creation.”

– Dr. Germán Newall

Growing up in a Latin-American culture, Dr. Germán Newall adores and appreciates a curvaceous female form. His approach to body contouring is based on what he considers the ideal look for the female body.

“It’s about defining curves,” Newall says. “Creating a dramatically narrow waistline with soft contours of the abdomen, complemented by full hips and buttocks.”

His artistic ability to create balanced proportions with curves in all the right places is a testament to the Latin influence on his work as a plastic surgeon and his innate appreciation for the curvy, narrow-waisted look.

Dr. Newall commonly takes fat that has been removed from unwanted areas via liposuction and adds it to the hips and buttocks for patients desiring an hourglass figure and shapely rear view. This process is called fat grafting.

The beauty of body contouring is that it uses a combination of procedures and techniques to restore an overall complete figure. Check out our Top 10 Reasons to have Body Contouring by Dr. Newall.

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