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To figure out where you want to be, we need to start with where you are. There are four traditional categories that we usually use to define body shapes; they are the rectangle, the apple, the pear and the hourglass.

A study by Women’s Magazine of over 6300 women, gives this breakdown of female body shapes. Rectangle 46.12%, Apple 13.83%, Pear 20.92%, and Hourglass 8.4%.


The Hourglass figure has generally been considered the ideal shape for the female form, most likely because they are so rare. However, recent studies suggest that it might be instinctive.

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Each body type has a characteristic buttock shape that comes with it. Through liposculpting and fat grafting, Dr. Newall is able to redistribute fat and create curves, giving patients their ideal shape.

Considering body contouring? See if any of these 10 Reasons sound familiar.

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