Apple Shape Houston

The Apple body shape is characterized by a wide torso, full bust, and small hips and rear. Most of the body fat is stored in the abdomen. Apples like to say, “I wish I could take the fat in my stomach and move it to my rear.” Sound familiar? Well, you can.

Dr. Newall’s approach to an apple shaped body is to use liposuction and fat grafting to redistribute fat from the abdomen to the hips and rear. This will define the waist and give the patient more of an hourglass shape.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

This patient of Dr. Newall’s was naturally shaped like an apple, with most of her excess fat stored in the abdomen. She had very thin legs and relatively no fat stored in the buttocks. Dr. Newall was able to redistribute her fat to her hips and buttocks, defining her waist and giving shape to her lower body.

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