Hourglass Shape Houston

Hats off to all of our hourglass bodies! You boast the ideal female form. Some problems that arise with an hourglass figure are unwanted fat stored in the thighs and possibly the flanks. Or perhaps your proportions are too extreme and you are in need of a breast reduction. Dr. Newall’s approach to the hourglass figure would be to keep the patient lean with targeted liposuction. A few years down the road, these are the patients that are looking for a breast lift or buttock lift to maintain their sexy figure.

Not your shape? What shape are you?

Is the hourglass an instinctive attraction for men?

A 2010 psychology study found that males are most attracted to the hourglass figure. From big city executives to isolated African tribes, men from all walks of life choose this shape as a symbol of beauty. The best part of this study is that it is not determined by the size of the woman, but by her waist-to-hip ratio. At a size 2 or 22, men are going to find the hourglass shape more attractive than any other shape.

Psychologist Devendra Singh adds that “women with a 0.7 WHR (waist-to-hip ratio) are healthier in general, have better cardiac health, better mental health, less complications during pregnancy, are less likely to die during labor, have less post-partum depression and their offspring experience a slightly higher IQ score.” So, the male attraction to this shape is beneficial for them in more ways than one.”

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