Breast Lift Houston

Published on November 15, 2017 by

The Breast Lift procedure is designed to rejuvenate and lift the breasts to a more perky and youthful positioning. Many women find that as they get older their breasts begin to sag or droop, though this process can be accelerated if a woman has overly large breasts, is genetically predisposed, has achieved a significant weight loss, or has been pregnant and nursed. The breast lift procedure is achieved by an incision that allows for the adjustment of the tissue and removal of excess, stretched out skin that is creating the drooping. Sometimes the areola is also repositioned to better compliment the new positioning of the breast.

Interested in gaining a better understanding of the kind of results possible through the breast lift procedure? Take a look at our online before and after photo gallery to see real patient results. Ready to start talking about your personal options for rejuvenating your breasts? Contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Newall today.

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