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Breast augmentation or enlargement, creates fuller breasts through the use of saline or silicone-filled implants. Women choose to have this procedure for a number of reasons. Pregnancy, breast-feeding, and weight fluctuation have a significant impact on the volume, firmness and symmetry of the breast, causing a woman to feel self-conscious and dissatisfied with their appearance. Others feel that their breasts are under-developed and wish to have fuller breasts, proportional to the body.

During your consultation with Dr. Newall, he will discuss your preferences regarding size and breast implant type, and you will have the opportunity to try on different sizes of implants with a special bra in order to help you determine the size you want.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

In a breast augmentation procedure, an incision is most commonly made in the crease below the breast. The incision may be slightly longer if silicone implant are used because they are prefilled, whereas saline implants are filled after placement. Implants are inserted either above the muscle, or more commonly, below it (sub-pectoral). Dr. Newall prefers the sub-pectoral placement for most cases because it looks and feels more natural, and breast infections and capsular contractures are less likely to develop. In addition, the muscle helps to hold the implant in place, lowering the need for a breast lift in the future. This is a significant advantage to placement over the muscle, where the implants are more subject to the effects of gravity.

Breast augmentation creates not only fuller breasts, but ones that are more lifted in appearance, helping to correct sagging. However, individual anatomy and implant size effect the degree of this benefit, and many women choose to have a breast lift in conjunction with the augmentation in order to give their breasts a more fully lifted look. Breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia. Dr. Newall may recommend that patients wear a surgical support bra afterwards. Typically, soreness resides after 7-14 days, and patients are able to return to work 5-6 days after surgery and to resume exercise in one month however all patients heal at different rates based on an individuals healing ability.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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