Laser Hair Reduction Houston

Laser hair reduction is becoming an increasingly popular hair removal treatment among men and women who would like an alternative to shaving and waxing. It can be used to significantly reduce unwanted hair from almost any area, including the face, underarms, arms, bikini area, legs, back, and chest. ACPS – The Spa & Rejuvenation Center offers hair reduction via the Candela 1064 Gentle: YAG. This laser is considered appropriate for use on all Fitzpatrick skin types, including the darkest tones. The Candela is considered to be very effective at hair reduction and the better choice for the darkest skin tones.  A series of treatment sessions are required for the most effective reduction of hair as only actively growing hair may be targeted for reduction. In this way, hairs that were in a dormant growth phase during a previous session can be treated in a future one. In addition, individual factors such as hair and skin color can affect the required number of sessions. Some reddening may be experienced in the treated areas, but most can return to normal activities immediately after a session.


Small Area:  upper lip, chin, cheeks, between eyebrows, fingers, toes, sideburns, ears, hands, feet, scattered  facial or chest areas
1 area = $130        2 areas = $235        3 areas = $340

Medium Area:  underarms, full neck, abdomen, full face, full bikini, shoulders, forearms
1 area: = $260        2 areas = $470        3 areas = $680

Large Areas:  arms, legs, chest, back, flanks
1 area = $380        2 areas = $685        3 areas = $990

* 15% discount off any package of 4 or more

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