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Breast size fluctuates often throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, causing the skin’s elasticity to weaken. As a result, the breasts begin to sag, and often experience a loss of volume. Breast augmentation and breast lift procedures will restore the breasts’ fullness and lift. Depending on the breast size and amount of sagging, some women may be able to get the results they desire from a breast implant alone. However, other women may desire a breast lift to restore their breasts to a youthful, lifted position. Dr. Newall has more than 20 years of experience in performing cosmetic breast procedures, creating feminine contours that enhance not only the fit of your clothes, but your self-confidence, as well.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Here is an example of a breast lift performed by Dr. German Newall

View some of our Houston Breast Lift photos in the Breast Enhancement Before and After Photo Gallery for comparison examples.

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