miraDry® – Underarm Sweat, Odor and Hair Reduction – Houston

miraDry® is the first and only non-invasive treatment that removes 82% of your underarm sweat and odor glands in just one treatment. FDA-cleared and CE marked, the miraDry treatment is done in the comfort of your doctor’s office and is quick-taking only about one hour. After your treatment, you can expect to see immediate and lasting results.

miraDry® is an easy 3 step treatment:

Step 1. Your underarms will be marked to map out your sweat glands.
Step 2. Once the grid is in place your armpits will be numbed with some local anesthetic.
Step 3. The hand piece will be placed directly on the skin inside the marked grid. You will feel a slight suction as your skin and glands are brought closer to the surface for maximum results. Finally, miraWave energy is delivered and the sweat and odor glands are destroyed.

MiraDry not only eliminates sweat and odor glands, it also reduces underarm hair.


Don’t I need sweat glands?

You will no longer have sweat glands in your armpits. You will not lose the capabilities to cool your body off through sweating, you still have 2 million sweat glands throughout your body.

What can I expect after the procedure?

You can expect to have an immediate reduction in your sweat. Prior to having the procedure done, you and your caregiver should discuss you amount of sweat reduction you desire in order to determine the best treatment plan for you.

How many treatments will I need?

One treatment is sufficient for most people, but an additional treatment may be required for some patients. Your caregiver will determine the best treatment plan for your desired results.

What are the side effects?

After the procedure you may experience swelling, soreness, and numbness in your underarms. These side effects typically subside within a week or two.

What is the cost of miraDry?

The cost is $2,000 for a treatment.

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