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Virtual Consultation Form

Thank you for your interest in a virtual consultation with Dr. Newall. We provide this virtual option for our out-of-town patients and those with busy schedules.

Virtual Check List:

  1. Fill Out the Virtual Form & Upload Photos
  2. Schedule Virtual Appointment
  3. Complete Medical History in Patient Portal
  4. Click Link for Virtual Appointment

Fill Out the Virtual Form & Upload Photos

Please submit within the virtual form include your images (reference the photo guide below). Please wear a bra and panties/bikini bottoms. If you are interested in breast procedures please do not wear a bra in images. Include FRONT VIEW, SIDE VIEW, BACK VIEW. You will answer a few questions to help us better understand your concerns and goals.

Schedule Virtual Appointment

Once we receive your virtual form we will reach out to you to schedule your virtual appointment unless you already have one scheduled. The virtual consultation fee is $150 and will be collected during the time you schedule your virtual appointment. This consultation fee will go towards your procedure if you choose to proceed with surgery.

Complete Medical History in Patient Portal

The medical history form will be emailed to you at the time we schedule your appointment. Please complete all sections of your medical history in the patient portal.

Click Link for Virtual Appointment

You will receive a link via email/text message to join the TeleHealth Meeting.

Please write down all questions you may have for Dr. Newall so they can be discussed during your appointment. If you have trouble uploading images or have questions about the form please email our virtual coordinator directly at sarah@acps.com



Formulario de consulta virtual

Gracias por su interés en una consulta virtual con el Dr. Newall. Complete este formulario por completo e incluya sus imágenes. Una vez que recibamos su formulario, nos comunicaremos con usted para programar una cita virtual. La tarifa de consulta virtual es de $150 que se cobrará durante el momento de la reserva. Esta tarifa se aplicará a su procedimiento si elige continuar con la cirugía.

Escriba todas las preguntas que pueda tener para el Dr. Newall para que puedan ser discutidas durante su cita.

¡Esperamos contar con su presencia!

  • To make the most of your virtual consultation, do your best to submit your photographs in the following format. This will allow our doctors to make the most comprehensive assessment. 1. Use a solid background. 2. Take one frontal photo with the face or body centered and looking straight. 3. Take at least one, preferably two profile photos File formats accepted: gif | png | jpg | jpeg File size limit: 3mb