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Abdominal Etching in Houston, TX

The most common area of concern for men is the abdomen. As Dr. Newall says, “Bellies are to men, as thighs are to women. It’s their problem area.” This is because men generally store most of their fat around the waist. Genetics also plays a big role in the appearance of the male chest and abdomen. Cutting fat and toning ab muscles can give ideal results for some men, but others just genetically aren’t made to be “ripped.” Dr. German Newall, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has helped countless men in Houston and the surrounding areas of Post Oak, Sugar Land, and Katy feel confident again.

What is Abdominal Etching?

Through liposuction and his expertise in the art of liposculpture, Dr. Newall gives the abdomen the chiseled, athletic appearance of “washboard abs.” He accomplishes this by strategically removing fat from the abdomen, waist, and love handles. By suctioning fat from around the individual ab muscles, he can reveal six-pack abs and a more pleasing contour for the stomach.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Abdominal Etching?

The best candidates for this procedure are those who are at a reasonably good weight but have areas of fat that are unresponsive to exercise and diet. Abdominal etching is often able to give the abdominal muscles much more pronounced definition than what could be achieved by spending hours at the gym.

About Chest Contouring and Male Breast Reduction

To maintain balance in the torso, many patients have chest contouring along with abdominal liposuction or etching. If you suffer from gynecomastia – the condition of excess breast tissue in males – you are likely a candidate for Dr. Newall’s male chest contouring procedure. Dr. Newall is able to remove excess breast tissue for men that are concerned with the appearance of “man boobs” or fat deposits in the chest.

What Can I Expect from Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal etching can be performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia, usually taking about an hour. Small incisions no more than a quarter inch in length are made in the natural creases or naval, while excess fat is then removed using a tube called a cannula.

Abdominal Etching Surgery Recovery

After abdominal etching surgery, patients may experience pain, swelling, and bruising. This is typical and will subside in about one week. For a few weeks following this procedure, patients will need to wear a compression garment which should only be removed during bathing. Typically, full results are visible within six months. These are average estimates, as all patients heal differently.

Where will the procedure be performed?

Abdominal etching is performed at our award-winning ACPS, The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS), which is the largest private plastic surgery center in Texas. The ACPS exceeds accepted standards for private surgical facilities and is licensed by the Texas Department of Health. The ACPS offers four surgical suites, pre-operative consultation suites, and seven comfortable post-operative recovery suites, all staffed with medical professionals handpicked by our surgeons.

How Much Does Abdominal Etching Cost?

While cost should not be the final factor on which you base your decision, we understand that it is an important consideration. You should first realize that even though you are considering elective surgery, it is still surgery. Safety must be your surgeon’s highest priority followed by patient satisfaction. At German Newall, MD, we work to provide excellent service at a fair price. We feel that an investment in yourself is one of the most important investments that you could ever make; as such, we offer a variety of payment options including financing to help make your aesthetic dreams a reality.

Dr. German Newall, a board-certified plastic surgeon, focuses on the needs of his patients and assures that you will be met with a caring, dedicated, and experienced staff. If you are considering abdominal etching in Houston or the surrounding areas of Post Oak, Sugar Land and Katy, contact us today to schedule your consultation.