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Brazilian Butt Lift Candidacy in Houston, TX

As with any surgery, candidates must be in good health and have realistic expectations about their results. Understanding the procedure is important, especially when considering a buttock lift.

The popular term “buttock lift” is somewhat misleading, as the skin and tissue are not actually lifted. Instead, the patient’s own fat is removed from unwanted areas and used to shape the rear, a technique called fat grafting. By moving the fat instead of lifting the skin, the procedure requires only a few small entry sites rather than a large incision.

Brazilian Butt Lift Candidacy in Houston, TX

More specifically, the best candidate for a Brazilian buttock lift is a patient that desires to have a fuller, lifted rear. For the fat grafting technique, patients must also have pockets of excess fat in unwanted areas. This fat can be removed and redistributed to the top of the rear, creating a lifted appearance.

“Genetics plays a huge role in our anatomy,” says Dr. Newall. “Some people are more inclined to store fat in their buttocks and others are not. Women who naturally have flatter rears cannot achieve a round, lifted buttock with toning exercises alone.”

The patient’s fat can also be used to add volume to the hips if the patient desires more of an hourglass figure. By using the patient’s fat, results look and feel natural.

View before and after photos of Dr. Newall’s Brazilian buttock lift. Learn more about Dr. Newall’s Brazilian butt lift here.

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