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German Newall, MD Reviews

Breast Enhancement Testimonials

Becky’s Breast Augmentation

Thank you for providing me with the best quality service. My results have been absolutely thrilling and amazing.


Ester’s Breast Enhancement

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am very pleased with my surgical outcome and know that I’ll be even more so when I am fully healed. I appreciate the kindness and care I received from you to the professional, kind, and helpful atmosphere created by everyone at the surgery center and your office. Thanks again!


Ana’s Breast Augmentation

I know it’s been since February 2012, but I want to thank you for your tremendous skill in performing my breast augmentation surgery. I am very pleased and happy with the procedure and all I can say is that your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession. I have to thank you and all your staff. They were so incredible. Everyone was very nice and professional.


Monica’s Breast Augmentation

I join the many who feel your skills, professionalism, and bedside manner are unparalleled. There are Top Docs with degrees and awards, and I know that you are among those but compassion and people skills are a gift. Thank you for your ability but most of all the sincere caring that such a skilled surgeon as you have. Your staff gets a 10, and I could have been so scared if I did not have such wonderful people. I am in your hands and grateful.


Diana’s Breast Augmentation

He is the best doctor you can find in Houston! All his staff is very kind and treat you like if you are family. I had a breast augmentation and didn’t have any kind of problems. In 3 days, I was good enough to go back to work. I recommend Dr. Newall. I have no doubt to go back to his services.


Sonya’s Breast Augmentation and Liposuction

I am writing this letter to thank you personally for changing my figure back to its normal size and enhancing my breasts to the beauty that I dreamed of even, as a young girl. I am 38 years old and started my family very young, and I have two children. My daughter is 20 and a son who is 18 years old. I have had two cesarean pregnancies. I weighed 110 pounds prior to my first child and weighed 178 pounds when I had my daughter. As you saw, I had horrible stretch marks and my body was overweight for my height of 5’4”. I exercised regularly and restricted myself to a good diet. I lost 28 pounds. My waist was 30” to 34” during pregnancy and 26” prior to pregnancy. Since the C-section with bikini style incision, I have never been able to get rid of the skin and fat that hung over the scar.

I am no longer ashamed. You my friend are a true artist and are truly the best surgeon I have ever hired to work on my body. Your staff made me feel comfortable and also made me feel as though I was able to speak freely and show the imperfections on my body without having to feel ashamed.


Isabella’s Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck

I just wanted to say thank you once again for all you have done for me. I know you transform lives every day, but this time it was mine. I am beginning to feel better about myself and you folks made that possible!

Just please know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I will never forget your care and your kindness.



Body Contouring Testimonials

Maria’s Tummy Tuck

Dr. Newall, I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my body. You have no idea how you have changed my life. Again thank you for a job well done!


Mary’s Tummy Tuck

It is truly hard to believe that it has already been over 2 years since my life-changing surgery with Dr. Newall! It’s as if I am a teenager again and I’m now 47. Honestly, it’s mind-blowing to stand next to my 14 year old daughter and have one of my sons confuse us from behind or in a photo, due to the size. Without barely even trying, I just lost another size and about 11 pounds, so depending on clothing, I now can fit into a size 4-9. This, coming from a former size 16-18 in pants (due to that stomach). I just found a pair of pants. I thought I threw everything out, so I was elated to find these, and I marveled at two things: firstly, how far I’ve come and secondly, I admired the bravery of the “bigger” me, for having to live in a body that wasn’t quite “me”. Weight was a part of this-yes-but so too was a misshapen body from losing excess weight and thus, having excess fat and skin that would never have snapped back on its own. This is where Dr. Newall’s expert skill, artistry, and perspective had totally helped to rediscover my body’s contours again. He not only could easily envision my former shape, but he then used his medical expertise to “draw” me out of the shadows.

Now, my body reflects the light of my spirit! There’s a new energy that is in my step and a whole new world out there to explore! When I was in my 30’s as a mom of 4 little ones, I certainly do not recall getting stared at in quite the way this often happens now in my late 40’s. There are elements to this that I had not even remotely considered before surgery.

My family is so happy for me, my friends are amazed. However, being “noticed” is not the reason to do this, nor the big reward (it does feel nice though. For me, the biggest reward is loving yourself enough to make a choice to do something that you believe will help your body along to help you along for the present and future. Our bodies, whether we like it or not are very, very important, for they are the vehicles for how we get around in this life. If hanging, excess skin is causing pain (i.e. low back pain for me), literally getting in the way of steering wheels, properly fitting clothes, former surgery (I had 2 c-sections), then maybe my story will help others to come to the decision to do something about it too. Hopefully, they will choose Dr. Newall, for his exceptionally high safety standards, expertise, and loving care.


Priscilla’s Tummy Tuck

Patty – Just a quick note to express my gratitude for help in my time of need. Thank you for prepping and calming my nerves before the surgery. I don’t know how I would’ve coped without you. Your friendship is truly appreciated.


Lauren’s Arm Lift, Liposuction, and Buccal Fat Removal

Dr. Newall and his staff are remarkable! I was well taken care of from my consultation, to pre-op and surgery day. I spent the night at the surgery center and the nurses were incredibly kind & caring! His office even sends a nurse as a follow up the day after your surgery! I highly recommend Dr. Newall, plastic surgeon in Houston Texas!


Cathy’s Full Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation

He’s very detail-oriented and he listens! He’s also an artist which is why he can create a beautiful proportionate body. His staff goes out of their way to please his patients. I would recommend him to anyone!


Tony’s Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Dr. German Newall is one of the best liposculpture doctors in Houston, so I feel very confident that my results will be amazing. The staff at Dr. Newall’s office is super nice especially Patty; she is so fun. My pre-op consultation was in 2012 and I got a bag full of goodies; vitamins, arnica, bromelain, gauzes. WOW I was so delighted, not all doctors do this.


Eva’s Liposuction

I just wanted to say I appreciate the time and patience you have taken with me before surgery. I do have to give you kudos for helping me with my goals. Thank you to you and your helpful staff.


Allyson’s Liposuction

Dr. Newall is as good as you can get! Went to him five years ago and had a ginormous amount of liposuction done (not pencil thin, mind you) and it came out so good and have never gained it back so I am going back for more this year! He is sweet and humble and you can come out looking like a goddess what more do you want?


Celia’s Liposuction

I hope my pictures turned out okay! I appreciate everything that you have done for me. Because of you, I feel complete. Thank you for all of your help and time. Wish me luck!


Joy’s Liposuction

Patty – Thank you for all your help and patience during my consultation process. I appreciate your assistance and keep up the good work.


Rachel’s Mommy Makeover

Dr. Newall is the best plastic surgeon in Houston, he did amazing on my mommy makeover. My stomach looks like it did when I was 18, he removed my stretch marks and extra skin from two pregnancies. Take my advice and don’t use any other doctor.


Monica’s Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

I just wanted to give you my sincere thank you. I have never had surgery before this one and you made my experience a very smooth and easy one. Thank you Dr. Newall for doing such a wonderful job on my body and for calling me back at home the other night. You are such a beautiful human being, and I am so thankful I chose you as my surgeon.


Luz’s Tummy Tuck

You are the best surgeon! What you do is not only science but also an act of magic. I was amazed to see the change that you made on me. You gave me back the flat stomach I had when I was a young girl and better, with the curves you have created! I am glad I found you as my doctor. I enjoy your enthusiasm and your enjoyment of what you do, as well as your dedication. Thank you for a job well done.


Nancy’s Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude towards you and thank you not only for using the gift of your talent with us but for being the amazing human being that you are. As you know, I have gone through major struggles to achieve my weight loss goals, I worked truly hard, but when I realized that I needed surgical procedures to achieve my final results I became somehow discouraged, it was frustrating to find out that my hard work was not enough. I was very uncertain about how everything was going to end or if this was going to even be possible at all. I was extremely anxious. I received various surgical suggestions but I was not convinced, sometimes I even thought that I was probably just destined to stay like that, but I could not give up that easily, if the hardest part was done, I could not stop there, then I finally decided to leave it all to God. I asked him to guide me and take me to the doctor that he would use as a tool to change my life.

Then right away, I ended up in consultation with you. From this day, I knew that everything was possible and that my dreams would finally become reality, and I had the security that everything was going to be okay, God had put me in your hands. I know that changing people’s appearance is part of your daily routine, but I want you to know that with my procedure; you performed a soul and spirit surgery too because not only did it change me on the outside but what is more important my inside. The way I feel about myself, and the way I see life, in other words, a whole new life began.
I was very fortunate to have chosen you. Human beings like you are a privilege to this world. For all these reasons and more, I want to say thank you for a new life, and for allowing me to achieve what otherwise without your help, it would have been impossible.


Nicole’s Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

I would like to thank you and your staff for the attention during my visit to your office. I am largely grateful with Dr. Newall. Not only for his excellence as a surgeon but also his humble personality. I am not able to express my gratitude with words. Returning to a normal human being without a hematoma is odd and now I feel much better. I am recovering quickly and feel stronger! I am now able to take care of my baby once again.


Tina’s Scar Revision

I just wanted to say thank you for the way my scar turned out! You did a great job! I hope to get to see you again. The people in your office were so nice. I just wanted to say thank you!



Face Procedure Testimonials

Sylvia’s Facelift

My beloved boyfriend (age 65) was literally disgusted with how his face looked, with how it just didn’t fit with his youthful, trim, tone body; so he would have been satisfied with Dr. Newall taking ten years off his face, through a lift, fraxel, and fat grafting. To his amazement and elation, however; Dr. Newall set his face back to 20 years ago. So now his face matches his beautiful body, his youth-filled physique. We were told forehand that Dr. Newall was “an artist,” but seeing is truly believing.


Brenda’s Rhinoplasty and Necklift

I hope this card finds you well and happy. Thought you might enjoy a picture of me, my nephew, my new nose, and no double chin! You guys are the best!


Christine’s Rhinoplasty

Just a note of thanks for the super job you did on my daughter! Your staff is one of the friendliest I have ever come across and was very nice to this nervous mother. Thank you!


Martin’s Blepharoplasty (Eyelid)

Both my wife and I had different cosmetic procedures, two weeks apart. She looks WOW! and I look at least ten years younger. Both a major success. I must say Dr. Newall exceeded our expectations. He is very personable and took great interest in our individual needs. His execution was fabulous and everything happened exactly as he said it would. I won’t hesitate to refer my friends and clients to his office, as I have already done. Thank you Dr. Newall!



Plastic Surgery Video Testimonials Houston