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Liposuction Candidacy in Houston, TX

A good candidate for liposuction is in good health and has realistic expectations about the results. The general health of a prospective patient is a more important consideration than age or weight, though the best candidates are of average weight or slightly-above average weight.

Skin quality and elasticity must also be considered. Once fat is removed, the patient’s skin should have the elasticity to retract and appear taught. Additionally, the ideal liposuction patient has specific, concentrated pockets of unwanted fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Large Volume Liposuction

Dr. Newall has completed numerous studies on large volume liposuction and is nationally recognized as an expert in safely removing large amounts of fat.

It is best to talk with Dr. Newall and his patient coordinator, Patricia Escobar, to determine if you are a candidate for large volume liposuction. They may advise a patient to lose some weight naturally through diet and exercise before undergoing a liposuction procedure.

Combination Procedure – Liposuction and Abdominoplasty

Liposuction Candidacy in Houston, TX

Depending on the patient’s age, skin quality, and amount of fat removed, Dr. Newall may advise that a patient undergo an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in addition to liposuction. This ensures that the skin is firm and taught to display the leaner figure. It is common for these procedures to be done in a single surgery.

For a more comprehensive look at Dr. Newall’s liposuction procedure, click here. View our before and after liposuction gallery. Only looking to lose a few pounds in a specific area? CoolSculpting® may be an option for you.

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